The Patriots Promise

FCS Students commit to a
which reflects:

Passion: Unrelenting heartfelt desire to pursue my God & my education.

Perseverance: Patience and devotion to finish the work Christ has started within me.

Accepting: Willingness to positively receive those around me of every race and ethnicity.

Academic: Conforming myself to the set rules, standards, or traditions around me.

Trustworthy: The characteristic that enables others to confide in me without fear.

Teachable: The ability to remain in a learning mode without having a closed mind.

Respectful: Showing politeness or deference even when not in agreement.

 Responsible: Being dependable and accountable for all actions and results.

Integrity: The honest adherence to moral and Godly principles without faltering.

 Innovative: Showing leadership by offering new creative ideas never before achieved.

Obedient: Complying with or submitting to the Godly authorities in place around me.

 Optimistic: Showing leadership by always looking for the positives in every situation.

Truthful: Making a decision to show integrity by being transparent and honest.

Thankful: A heartfelt expression of gratitude towards God and others.

Selfless: Having little concern for oneself in regard to fame, position, credit or pride.

Serving: The unselfish act of giving ones time and effort to the cause of others.

A Patriot is Someone Who
Zealously Loves, Supports, and Defends.

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