High School Teachers


Robert Carter
U.S. History, World History Teacher

College: NC Wesleyan College

Degree: B.A. History

Area of Expertise/Passion: History

Honors/Awards: Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors

Why I love to teach: I love to help students understand that God has worked throughout history to carry out His plan which He will complete in His own time. I also want to help them grow into people who see their part in God’s plan.

Justin Hall
AP History, AP Psychology, World Civilizations Teacher

College: East Carolina University

Degrees: B.S. History Education, M.A. History

Honors/Awards: Roy N. Lokken Scholarship

Why I love to teach: I love to teach because I love my students and I want to help them fall in love with learning.

Ashley Oskiera
AP History, AP Psychology, Civics Teacher

Degrees: B.A. History, M.A.Ed. History

Colleges: NC Wesleyan College, East Carolina University

Area of Expertise/Passion: World History, Religious History

Honors/Awards: Trustee Scholar, Magna Cum Laude

Why I love to teach: I love kids.  They really are our future.  I enjoy teaching them and helping them learn about my content and helping them grow as individuals.  I believe everyone has a little bit of genius, and it's my job to help young people discover that about themselves.



John Dixon
Math and Science Teacher, AP Calculus, AP Biology, IT Coordinator

College: UNC Wilmington

Degrees: B.S. Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Area of Expertise/Passion: Upper Level Math and Science, Computers

Honors/Awards: Summa Cum Laude

Why I love to teach: I love to push/encourage my students to reach their full potential in learning so that they will be prepared for both college and career. My hope is that they will continue to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives.

Claudia Hadley 
Math Teacher

College: NC State University

Degree: B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Mathematics Education

Area of Expertise/Passion: Upper Level Mathematics, AP Calculus

Honors/Awards: National Board Certified Teacher

Why I love to teach: Equipping students to be life-long learners and problem solvers is why I love to teach.  I enjoy conveying "why" math works the way it does so I can watch my students grow in understanding and application.

Jeremy Jones 
Math Teacher, Middle School Principal, Football Coach

College: East Carolina University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Degree: B.S. Mathematics Education, M.A. Christian Education (May '21)

Area of Expertise/Passion: Mathematics, Weight Training and Bible (developing the mind and body)

Honors/Awards: Magna Cum Laude, National Board Certified Teacher

Why I love to teach: I love watching the growth occur in the children we teach. I especially love teaching high school; having the opportunity to see Freshmen come in and four years later leave as young adults ready to take their next step in life.

Melanie Lucero
Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science Teacher

Colleges: Peace College, UNC Chapel Hill

Degree: B.S. Science Education

Area of Expertise/Passion: Jesus, All Sciences (especially love the life sciences)

Why I love to teach: I love the students and forming those relationships. I always love for students and myself to learn and explore in Science and discover God’s awesome creation!

Rikki Rich 
Math Teacher, Guidance Counselor

College: UNC Pembroke

Degrees: B.S. Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science, M.A. Mathematics Education

Area of Expertise/Passion: Geometry, Statistics, College Prep

Why I love to teach: I love to teach because of the relationships I am able to build with my students. Getting to share my love of math in creative ways is a passion, and getting to do so in a Christ-centered environment makes it all the more rewarding.


Danielle Coggin 
English Teacher, Director of Enrollment

College: Pensacola Christian

Degrees: B.A. English, M.S. Educational Administration

Area of Expertise/Passion: English, Administration

Why I love to teach: I love to see students enjoy learning. They are why I teach. Connecting with students and sharing a passion for all things new is an opportunity I never want to miss. God has given me each student so that I can share Him with them.

Beth Lewis
English, AP English, Psychology Teacher

Colleges: Rocky Mountain College, Regent University

Degrees: B.A. English Education, B.A. Business, M.A. Biblical Studies

Area of Expertise/Passion: The Writing Process, Foundations of Christianity

Why I love to teach: I learn by teaching, so I get to learn everyday. I love a job that is never routine and always forces me to look for ways to improve.

Rex Sauls
English Teacher

College: NC Wesleyan College

Degree: B.A. History

Area of Expertise/Passion: History, Theatre Arts

Seth Woodley
English Teacher, High School Principal

Colleges: College of Charleston, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Degrees: B.A. in English, Master's of Divinity w/Concentration in Christian Ministry

Area of Expertise/Passion: Student Advising, Discipleship, English

Why I love to teach: I love to teach because I long to see the next generation of students become, as C.S. Lewis articulates, my own critics and rivals. I hope to play some part in preparing young  people in being better prepared and more thoroughly equipped than previous generations to do the work of God's kingdom on earth.



Taylor Mains
Bible Teacher, High School Music & Technology, Worship Arts

Colleges: Santa Fe College, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Degrees: B.A. Christian Studies, A.A. Music: Vocal Performance

Area of Expertise/Passion: Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Apologetics

Why I love to teach: I’m am passionate about teaching people who God is, what He has done for us and how we should live in light of that truth. Think it is important to equip students with the knowledge and worldview skills they will need to not only keep their faith but to grow in it as they move through life from one step to the next.

Chris Schank
Bible Teacher

Colleges: Clearwater Christian, Piedmont International University

Degrees: B.S. Biology, M.A. Biblical Studies

Area of Expertise/Passion: Biblical Studies, Biology

Why I love to teach: Passionate teaching comes from the greatest commandment and the Great Commission given by Jesus in the Gospels. First, I love my students...why? Because Jesus first loved me. Second, I love to teach these beloved students, because Jesus promises His power and presence as we "go therefore teaching them to observe all that I have commanded." 



Miranda Elias
Spanish I, II, III Teacher

College: Ball State University

Degree: B.A. Secondary Education & Spanish

Area of Expertise/Passion: World Cultures, Spanish

Why I love to teach: I love to help my students expand their knowledge about the world around them. The Bible tells us in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and make disciples of all nations and teach them. God has given us all the ability to learn languages; why not learn more than one so that we can better love our neighbor and share what God has commanded! We can praise God, our creator, and the creator of languages more fully and beautifully. Instilling a passion, love, and respect for other cultures and perspectives of the world around my students is why I love teaching. 


Shellie Currin 
Art Teacher, OM Coach

College: School of Design at NC State University

Degree: B.A. Industrial Design

Area of Expertise/Passion: Art/Design

Honors/Awards: World Finalist OM 2014-2015

Why I love to teach: I love kids! I love spending my time, my effort, and my heart to help them grow.

Bonnie Dixon 
Yearbook Adviser

College: UNC Wilmington

Degree: B.A. Psychology

Area of Expertise/Passion: Office Administration

Honors/Awards: Magna Cum Laude

Why I love to teach: I love to teach yearbook because it is run like a business with sales and deadlines.  Students learn life skills that will be helpful in any career.

Jack Heim
Band Teacher

Gloriane Jefferys
Advanced Vocals Teacher

College: Bob Jones University

Degree: B.Mus. Church Music/Voice Principal, M.Mus. Church Music/Voice Principal

Area of Expertise/Passion: Vocal Coaching, Piano, Music Theory, Composition

Why I love to teach: Music is such a wonderful, God-given gift, and I love sharing that gift with my students.

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